Heissner and some Griebel gnomes too

Griebel Toadstool Hous ~1920

Griebel Toadstool House


Griebel Graefenroda

~ 1920

Graefenroda Thueringa

30 cm x 25 cm / 11.8" x 9.8""


This toadstool house had lost all colours, because it was outside for years. The ceramic is in a good condition. The painting is complete new in the stlye of this time.

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Charming Bookworm - Heissner ~1920 ... Original restored

Bookworm - Heissner gnome

Gnome reading a book


Aug. Heissner

(designed by: Prof. Paul Lothar Mueller)

approx 1920

Graefenroda Thueringa

34 cm / 13.4"


Heissner poduced several different versions of this gnome. This one looks very simular to the figure named "Gnome Doctor", which is designed by the famous gnome painter Prof. Paul Lothar Mueller (1869 -1956) for Heissner before 1920. The gnome had several layers of old colours, which we burnt off in a ceramic oven at ~1650°F. Then the chap was painted completely in the old tradional style that was usual at the century turn of 1900.

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Finest Original Heissner classic ~1950


Gnome with a squirrel


Aug. Heissner

approx 1950

Graefenroda Thueringa

Lauterbach Hessen

43 cm / 17"



A few of the Heissner gnomes classics have names, like this one is named "friendship". Most of the gnomes only have numbers. Heissner poduced several different versions of this gnome. This one is pretty large and pretty rare. This Original is in collectors quality. 

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Small Original Heissner singer - good condition

Heissner small singer - Original

Gnome with a songbook


Heissner Graefenroda

marked at the bottom "1942"

Graefenroda Thueringa

20 cm / 7.9"

 This small gnome is a classic Heissner gome too. We have some more figures with this face. The gnome is in a good used condition, that I decided not to restore this chap. Can be restored if wanted.

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Lutenist ~1950 - good original condition

41 cm / 16.2"  large Gnome 



Heissner Greafenroda



This rare gnome is in a good condition. It has a very very small fire crack in the face and a small chip at one sleeve. Can be restored.

420,00 €

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Small Heissner lutenist - marked

small gnome 


Heissner - Graefenroda / Lauterbach

Graefenroda Thueringen



This gnome is in a good original condition. We just cleaned the chap. Marked with an original paper Heissner sticker.

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Nibelung Helmet

German Mythological Gnome

Finest fayance ceramic

unknown artist


very good original condition

10.2" high, 13.8" wide


This extremly rare Gnome is a very professional and fine fayance ceramic from an unknown Bohemian artist. It is marked ( see photos). The figure is one of the highlights of our large collection. The gnome has a nibelung helmet in his hands, which may be used for plants, fruit, candy or as a wine cooler.

750,00 €

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Tabacco box

Humidor with Gnome


Bernhard Bloch


H 7.9" / L 5.5" /  W 4.0"


This charming humidor / tobaccobox is marked. At the bottom the mark is "1650" and the cover is "23". The condition is excellent and original. 

600,00 €

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